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From databases and daily intelligence reports, to providing ‘eyes-on’ to your globally mobile populations, our comprehensive medical and security intelligence tools monitor global security and health threats, track your travelers in real-time, manage outbound communications and step in with on-the-ground support, whenever it is needed.

The combination of proactive intelligence and rapid response enables decision makers to strengthen their long-range planning and to optimize decision-making under the pressure of unfolding events, empowering them to manage and mitigate global risk more effectively while enhancing their duty of care.

Our Medical and Security Intelligence solutions include:

Travel Security Manager (TSM): Locate and communicate with your travelers around the world

Airline Risk Rating: Ratings and safety assessments for more than 330 airlines, backed by expert analysis

WorldWatchTM: All-inclusive intelligence database containing real-time analysis of countries and major cities. Includes dynamic digital maps

Medical Intelligence Reports: Country-specific intelligence on emergency medical services, and medical facilities

Customized Security Briefings: 24/7 monitoring and incident notification, to include detailed assessment and risk analysis on a traveler's profile

Intelligence Alerts: Outbound alerts to notify clients of breaking events that may compromise the safety and security of travelers

Daily Security Alerts: Including country threat levels and dates to watch

Investigations: From due diligence and public records search to pre-deployment and screening

Risk Mitigation Consulting: Specialist advice and support in the development and execution of risk management practices

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50Percentageof the world’s population are now at risk from dengue fever. Make sure your workforce isn’t part of the statistic.

Download our Dengue avoidance pdf Source: WHO

More than half of international travelers become ill during their trips to the developing world.

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