A capacity-building approach to medical delivery

As local employment moves higher on the legislative agenda of many emerging markets, our unique and proven medical localization services extend local content to the complex area of medical delivery. A compliant, competitive solution that responds to growing regulatory pressure, our programs upskill local healthcare professionals to provide medically robust healthcare to international standards.

A new model for medical local content.

Scoping the project against local health challenges, we identify exceptional local candidates, provide training tailored to skill levels and secure clinical placements before full deployment of local health professionals under the auspices of 24/7/365 clinical governance provided by Topside doctors.

In-country, our localization initiatives build closer ties with medical and training institutions and government departments. In the field, deployment of local doctors improves medical engagement, enhancing patient management and enabling better health outcomes.

Our Medical Localization Services solutions include:

Healthcare Needs Assessment: A comprehensive needs assessment of the resources, opportunities and problems around medical delivery in each country and road map for localization

Skills Transfer: Tailored classroom training, mentoring, shadowing and field experience

Clinical Placements: First-hand experience in emergency medicine gained in a hospital environment

Accreditation: To Advanced Life Support (ALS) standard, including skills in acute cardiac and trauma life support

Institutional Liaison: Developing success through links with in-country educational, medical and governmental organizations and creating opportunities for Continued Professional Development

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