Medical and Security Intelligence

Data can be your most powerful tool or it can overwhelm and create confusion. At UnitedHealthcare Global, we cut through the noise with a strategic combination of human expertise and technology to refine data to its most digestible state to support informed decision making to enable your business to channel disruptions positively and protect your greatest assets.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

  • Preparation and readiness are keys to successful response and recovery strategies. We combine global specialists in crisis management and security, investigators and clinicians who work together to get ahead of and resolve issues for each client.
  • More data does not always make for good data. From databases and daily intelligence reports, to providing ‘eyes-on’ to your globally mobile populations, our comprehensive medical and security intelligence experts and tools are designed to deliver the right amount of information and the expert support needed to make the best medical, clinical and security decisions for your employees and company.
  • One size does not fit all. That’s why we create tailored solutions that integrate medical and security assistance alongside intelligence services effectively manages risk while containing costs.

Product and Services

  • Intelligence Center – online gateway to all security and medical service information. Access medical information, organize travel services, manage medical and security programs and monitor global security activity in over 200 countries. Available in 3 levels of support.
  • Intelligence Alerts – Location-specific alerts that provide immediate notification of an event, information about and analysis of an event, and ongoing analysis of an event including the escalation or downgrading of the severity of the situation.
  • World Watch® – Security detail for hundreds of countries and cities around the world. Includes two types of daily security reports.
  • Medical Intelligence Reports - Country-specific, 5-point medical risk rating scale and details on emergency medical services, hospital contacts, medication information, blood supply, healthcare payment, and more.
  • Custom Security Briefings - Travel reports for Flight Departments that incorporate general pre-travel information as well as more detailed security intelligence based on the flight plan and airport destination of each flight.
  • Airline Risk Ratings - Online ratings and reports on airlines, charter groups and helicopter services around the world.
  • Security Call Center - Customized security call center services for needs that fall outside of the parameters of a security assistance and evacuation program.

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