Government employees can be exposed to threats and dangers that most private citizens will never experience such as health, environmental and political risks as well as increased crime and accident rates. Because they are regularly involved in public health programs in the countries where they are sent, their exposure to potential infections could increase. To make matters worse, they may not experience the same health care options they are used to at home. Counties with under developed infrastructures may not be able to offer the same high-quality medical resources.

At UnitedHealthcare Global, we bring together healthcare professionals, medical Medical Supplies and Equipment, local knowledge and a global footprint to provide international-standard medical care all over the world. Whether it’s the delivery of fully-equipped remote clinics, medical staffing, training or evacuations, our global medical protocols and integrated capabilities enable government employees to maintain a healthy and productive assignment as well as lifestyle, even in the world’s most challenging environments.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

Better Experience
Working under our philosophy of prevention as well as cure, our medical solutions are focused on delivering a proactive approach. Our medical personnel help reduce lost-time incidents, develop capacity to support in an emergency and minimize impact on local or remote health facilities.

Better Health
By equipping existing local buildings or portable structures with supplies, our clinic management and MedeKIT programs allows us to put international standard medical facilities around the work, on land or at sea, in order to deliver world class medical care.

Better Value
Our robust healthcare governance is supported by best-practice protocols and processes. This enables organizations to operate within full federal, provincial and Duty of Care compliance. And because we can deliver a consistent standard of medical care across multiple sites, provinces or continents, or in extreme remote communities or worksites, we can help reduce the number of failed assignments and employee replacement costs.

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