Non-Profit Organizations

NGOs regularly working in remote and challenging locations may be placed in complex political situations, located in remote and harsh climates and removed from trusted medical care. These factors contribute to increased risks associated with employee health. Many NGOs are taking a proactive approach and choosing to mitigate those risks through medical programs designed specifically for their operations.

At UnitedHealthcare Global, we bring together healthcare professionals, medical Medical Supplies and Equipment, local knowledge and a global footprint to provide international-standard medical care all over the world. Whether it’s the delivery of medical supplies, clinic management, training or evacuations, our global medical protocols and integrated capabilities enable NGO employees to maintain a healthy and productive assignment as well as lifestyle, even in the world’s most challenging environments.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

Better Experience
We are remote medical specialists, operating in challenging, hostile and austere locations. We design, manage and deliver high quality land-based and offshore medical solutions across six continents and have worked in more than 110 countries.

Better Health
Each one of our healthcare professionals is backed by a network of dedicated Medical Control clinical specialists, based around the globe, providing unparalleled support for teams in a crisis or emergency, and the highest level of oversight for pre-hospital care.

Better Value
Our robust healthcare governance, supported by best-practice protocols and processes, enables organizations to operate within full federal, provincial and Duty of Care compliance. And because we can deliver a consistent standard of medical care across multiple sites, provinces or continents, or in extreme remote communities or worksites, we can help reduce the number of failed assignments and employee replacement costs.

Products and Services

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