Ship Captain

Your greatest asset at sea is your crew. You need them to operate at full capacity. If their health and safety are compromised, it has a direct impact on the bottom line. By selecting a trusted and experience medical partners who specialize in remote, offshore medical services, you can expect measureable results from your investment in employee health and wellbeing.

For more than 30 years, UnitedHealthcare Global has brought together single-source solutions that are globally integrate to ensure optimized outcomes and provide international-standard medical care for ship crews. Our preventative, primary and emergency medical services are specifically designed for off shore locations where keeping your workforce healthy and safe is critical to productivity and profitability.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

Better Experience
Integrated medics are cross trained and serve as a valued member of your crew working in partnership with you to support wellbeing, morale and productivity so you can attract and increase retention rates of qualified crew members.

Better Health
Telemedicine options deliver vital support to the crew in a crisis or emergency situations in order to improve diagnosis and decision-making capabilities.

Better Value
We work with you to select the right medical personnel and HSE programs that give you 24/7 medical access and assistance right on board your ship helping to reduce unnecessary docking expenses.

Products and Services


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