Occupational Health

A healthy, safe, hazard-free worksite and keeping healthcare costs in check is paramount to business success. UnitedHealthcare Global occupational health services are delivered by occupational health experts who can help anticipate the risks and hazards of the workplace, support your goals of maintaining a productive workforce, and design programmes to reduce reportable incidents.

What makes UnitedHealthcare Global different?

  • Comprehensive work site medical reviews give you the tools you need to develop and benchmark work site and strategic preparedness. Our own rigorous protocols help ensure that your duty of care obligations are fully met.
  • Planning for adverse geographic or health-related factors is crucial to protecting your investments. Our medical risk reviews help you identify, understand and minimize the impact a disease or environmental issue may have on your workforce and business continuity.
  • A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Our services are designed to help detect and prevent medical problems through proactive screening and health management. Based on the location, industry and project type, we will make recommendations regarding what your staff needs and what services are appropriate based on each individual.
  • From Drug and Alcohol testing to oral fluid to urine collection, 12 panel tests and evidential breath alcohol testing, our laboratory and MRO services give you the resources you need to help keep your team safe by preventing and minimizing risk factors associated with drug and alcohol use.
  • Working under our philosophy of prevention as well as cure, our single-source occupational health and safety solutions are focused on delivering a proactive approach to well-being for the populations in our care.
  • From medical personnel who help reduce lost-time incidents, to capacity development programs needed to support an emergency, we work with you to get ahead of the costs that unexpected incidents have on your bottom line.

Products and Services

• Medical Risk Review
• Worksite Medical Review
• Strategic Healthcare Planning
• Onsite Occupational Health Services

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