Primary and Emergency Care

Limited access to medical care not only has an impact on employee health, availability for work and turn-over but a direct impact on the bottom line. UnitedHealthcare Global Primary and emergency Care Services work together to protect the health of remote workforces, reduce down time and facilitate fit-for-work returns.

Equipped with a range of skill sets and accreditations, our medical personnel perform both primary and emergency roles giving workers confidence that onsite medics can treat day to day issues and when needed and can employ best practice emergency medical response. Medical personnel have the training and tools to treat patient’s onsite whenever possible and are backed by a dedicated team of remote health care professionals who can help determine when to escalate a case which helps avoid costs associated an unnecessary emergency port calls, course deviations, shutdowns or evacuations - all of which help minimize the impact of your operations on local health resources and decreases the amount of time lost transporting your workers to an institutional health center.

By providing both advanced emergency services and clinical care, we can bundle services with occupational health, drug and alcohol testing, and other programs into one complete package, saving your company time, reducing the potential for shut-downs, and keeping workers on the job.

Products and Services

  • Outpatient Care
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostic Testing
  • Wellness and Preventative Programs
  • Onsite Patient Observation
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Patient Resuscitation
  • Medical Evacuation


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