Read why global CEOs should care about non-communicable disease

What is healthcare everywhere?

Through Healthcare Everywhere, UnitedHealthcare brings together a comprehensive range of in-house, health and mobilization capabilities, intelligently selected and deployed individually or as an integrated bundle, enabling the creation of solutions unique to each client and the complexity of their global operations. In doing so, it reimagines healthcare, not just as an enabler of wellbeing, but as an enabler of growth.


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Deneen Vojta MD, Senior Vice President at UnitedHealth Group, discusses why the stairway could be a healthcare super-highway.

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Does Brazil have the world’s healthiest workplace?

Discover how medical inflation is driving healthcare innovation in Brazil

In the next 3 years the expected increase in the number of people traveling to growth markets will increase by 60%.

Find out about our Expatriate Insurance

3,000,000,000 people will join the middle classes by 2050. Almost all of them will come from emerging markets.

Source: HSBC Global Research 'The Consumer in 2050'
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